Every year, early in November we hold our major fundraiser for the year; our Guy Fawkes Gala.  It involves traditional stalls, lots of food, fun activities and a professional fireworks display. Funds raised go towards items, equipment and facilities. which will enhance the children’s educational opportunities such as playgrounds, library books, wet weather games, computers, dictionaries, voice recorders and netball courts.

Parent help enables us to put on the gala. The FFA (Fairhaven Fundraising Association) in conjunction with staff organise the amazing event. Parents also man stalls, the gate, help set up and pack up.  It is a huge combined effort. In appreciation of this our school does not charge school fees. Getting to know the staff and other parents is an equally important part as is the school spirit generated by such an event. It is a Te Puke and surrounding areas event; one that is eagerly looked forward to with approximately 6,000 people attending . It’s a fun evening and a fantastic way to spend time with your family and friends. A night you  will remember for the rest of your lives.