Welcome to Fairhaven School


Why Choose Fairhaven?

  • Academic excellence is strived for
  • Sporting ability is nurtured and extended
  • Cultures are valued and celebrated
  • The arts are appreciated and showcased
  • Technology is an integral part of learning
  • Young leaders are recognised and developed

What Parents Say

I am writing this to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of the staff at Fairhaven. Our journey started 2 years ago. They say 1st impressions last, well I was approached by a very friendly, sincere gentleman on the day that I enrolled my kids and to my surprise it was the principal Mr Hunt. What is most impressive to me is that until today he is that same friendly man who is approachable to kids.

I am always looking forward to hear how my kids’ day went at school as there is always a story to tell! Thanks for all the care and support from the dedicated teachers! On a daily basis I can testify to an incredible team at Fairhaven! Fairhaven creates a secure atmosphere for the kids to dream, strive and achieve which ultimately produces happy confident children.

Thank you for equipping them to form healthy relationships and to develop their EQ.

Fairhaven you rock!

Nat van der Merwe

Fairhaven school have helped nurture my children into excited busy little people. They come home happy, eager to share all the great things they have experienced and learnt that day.

I have watched my children, who were once very shy, blossom. They are confident, outgoing and goal driven, constantly striving to do better. All their achievements are celebrated and acknowledged.

The teachers are always encouraging and supportive to both parents and children. I as a parent always feel included and valued and I know my children do too.

Fairhaven is a wonderful school, a school that values and supports their pupils pushing them to know their worth and potential is unlimited.

Monica Stevens